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KG Math Day

The best way to love math is to practise math,  to play with math and to have fun with math.. Our fantastuc little mathematicians are havibg fun with their teachers.. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Spa and Beauty Day for IG Students

Have you seen something cuter than this? 😂😂 Spa and beauty day for IG Students 😎😎😎.

Colors are everywhere at National school, Many thanks to our lovely National PE team for spreading happiness.

See our little KG stars shining in the sky during our celebration of the 6th of October.

National School Graduated Students 2017/2018

A new achievement, a new chapter of success for grades 6,9 let’s wish them all the best in the coming challenges.

Top Students 2017-2018

Let’s shout out to all top students of our national school and wish them all the best and more of success and achievements.

IG Welcome Day 2018-2019

Happy new academic year for all of our beloved students, wish you all the best in the coming day.

Upper Grades Fun Day

Fun is all around at Tanta Modern School, we never stop learning and having fun

KG Food Day

OUR KG CHEFS cooking pizza, baking cookies and making a strawberry tree.Yummy!!!!

KG Fun Day

Happy moments and a happy day with our happy kids.